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: Illinois RBA - July 30, 2010  ( 1745 )

Sulli Gibson

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Illinois RBA - July 30, 2010
« : July 30, 2010, 07:10:38 PM »
* Illinois
* Statewide
* July 30, 2010
* ILST1007.30

- Species Mentioned (Caps denote a review list species):


This is the Rare Bird Report for July 30, 2010.
Compiler: Sulli Gibson. Email: sulli.gibson AT gmail.com

Species in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS ARE REVIEW LIST SPECIES. Details of these sightings are desired by the Illinois Ornithological Records Committee. Careful observation, not ornithological expertise, is the only requirement for submitting data. For details and pointers, see:

Rare Bird Alert Archives:

NEOTROPIC CORMORANT: Cook Co (North) - 1 is still present at the SE corner of Burnham Prairie Marsh and was last observed on 7/30/10 (Nick Block, Jay Packer). The bird has been there for well over a month now. Fulton Co (South) - Another was located about 1/2 mile south of Co Rd. 9 (Dickson Mounds Rd.), east of N. Forgotten Road at Emiquon on 7/29/10 (Greg Neise, Andy Sigler, Kevin Richmond).

ANHINGA: Johnson Co (South) - 1 was seen at Michael Wolff Memorial Wetlands located at the Marshall Ridge Access, down the road from the Cache headquarters in Belknap, Illinois on 7/23/10 (Greg Neise, Jeff Skrentny). They have been in the area the whole summer, but this is the first accessible/somewhat reliable location that has been found.

WHITE IBIS: St. Claire Co (South) - 2 have been seen in hay bale fields near the back parking lot at the Cahokia Mounds Museum since 7/23/10 (Bill Rudden). They were last seen on 7/29/10 (WGNSS birding group, et al.).

Whimbrel: Cook Co (North) - 1 was seen by many at the field behind the Chicago Agriculture High School located at 113th and Hamlin. It was found on 7/25/10 (Ken Wysocki) and stayed until 7/28/10 (Ari Shavit).

- End transcript

Sulli Gibson
Illinois Ornithological Society
Rare Bird Alert


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