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: Forest Park Cemeteries, Miller Meadow, DesPlaines River  ( 5032 )

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Forest Park Cemeteries, Miller Meadow, DesPlaines River
« : November 13, 2007, 08:58:57 AM »
The wooded areas along the DesPlaines River from Madison St. in Forest Park south to Schuths Grove at Cermak (22nd St.) and DesPlaines Ave. This can be a great area for a stop on the way to Palos Region FPs or a day all by itself.

Concordia Cemetery (MAP): The cemetery is easily birded and has a lot of mixed pines and ash trees which are great for winter finches and owls. Two areas worth checking are the little fenced-in patch of woods with very old graves near the commuter parking lot accessible from Van Buren St. near the Blue Line station and the pedestrian bridge at the west end of that parking area (MAP). The brush-piles along the river to the north/west of the bridge are also a good place to check.

Waldheim/Forest Home Cemeteries (MAP): lots of great habitat, especially along the river. The area where the actual placemark is located on the map has a nice grouping of native trees. Red-bellied woodpecker, white-breasted nuthatch and other birds can be found here.

Miller Meadows (MAP): Fantastic open field habitat, huge expanses of weedy, seed-bearing plants that attracts hundreds of sparrows, and the hawks and shrikes that feed on them. On the east side of the meadow/construction/dump area there are two little hidden marshes worth a look. The hill in the middle would make for a great place to watch migrating hawk and cranes. The open areas of gravel on the hill would be good for longspurs and snow buntings as well.

Jewish Cemeteries (MAP):
These are more overgrown than the very-manicured cemeteries to the north. Near the south-east portion look for Eurasian collared doves and monk parakeets.
« : November 13, 2007, 01:20:00 PM Admin »
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