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: Rosehill Cemetery  ( 3238 )

Steve Spitzer

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Rosehill Cemetery
« : January 26, 2008, 07:43:56 PM »
Rosehill Cemetery, 5800 N Ravenswood Avenue in Chicago, is the largest cemetery in the city.  It covers 350 acres and has five ponds.  The cemetery is more then 100 years old and has many old trees.  There are lots of winding roads so you can slowly walk or drive around while looking for things of interest.  The cemetery has signs prohibiting riding cycles of any kind.

Just South of the main entrance in the Southeast corner is the first pond.  It is long and mostly open.  Lots of turtles live in this pond.  There are occasional sandpipers in season, lots of Mallards and occasional other types of ducks and herons.  Killdeer nest near this pond.  There is a little point with decorative trees and a bench and quite a few different species of warblers can be seen there.

There are also some fair sized bullheads it seems.

This Gray-cheeked Thrush was one of several birds working the decorative plantings on the point.  Sometimes just sitting on the bench is quite productive. 

There is another pond about in the middle of the cemetery.  This pond had Kingbirds nesting in an old dead tree, but the tree was removed last year due to landscaping to add some grave sites.  There is usually a Kingfisher flying around, a few Canada Geese, and a Great Blue Heron or two.  Warblers in season. 

And occasional ducks of various kinds.

In the Spring the two Snapping Turtles who live in this pond come out to bask.  These turles could be the reason why geese do not nest at this site.

The Southwest corner has a small pond, surrounded by tall Cottonwood Trees.  Lots of warblers in the little trees on the south end of the pond.

And a vireo now and then.

I have seen grebes in this pond a few times.  Nothing rare, but interesting to watch.

In the Northwest corner is the cemeteries largest pond.  This pond is in a wooded area with Do Not Trespass signs, but there is one small spot where you can walk down towards the pond and see herons, warblers, kinglets, ducks, whatever happens to be there.  Sometimes what happens to be there is this old guy fishing for carp, which cuts down on the numbers of birds you can see.

Quite a few Towhees and sparrows can be seen where the wooded area and road meet at the right time of year.

Since this pond is in a wooded area this guy fit right in.

Not a bird, but I like macro photography and the Hackberry Butterflies by this pond were just about the most cooperative subjects I could hope to find.

Most commonly seen bird of prey, for me anyway, is the Red-tailed Hawk.  Usually as they fly away.

There is a section of cemetery North of Peterson Avenue.  This section has one pond and is more open then the main section.  The pond is rather scummy, but it still has a fair number of birds in and around it on occasion.  Geese nest by this pond and that is one reason it is so decrepit.

There are several species of sandpipers that stop by this pond while passing through.

There are not a lot of trees for the warblers in the North section, but they make do with what is there.

When I found this Sora at the North section pond it was the 200th species found at the cemetery.  Perhaps you can find number 201.  Click on any picture if you want to see more shots from the cemetery.

Steve Spitzer


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