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: Lisle-Arboretum CBC, 15 Dec 2013, preliminary results  ( 928 )

Geoffrey A. Williamson

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Lisle-Arboretum CBC, 15 Dec 2013, preliminary results
« : December 16, 2013, 07:24:15 AM »
On Sunday, 15 Dec 2013 we held the 65th Lisle-Arboretum Christmas Bird Count.  The Lisle CBC encompasses portions of Cook, DuPage and Will Counties with its center located 20 miles southwest of Chicago.  Leading up to count day, no one was expecting anything tremendous, because it had been so cold, most of the ponds, lakes, and sloughs were frozen up, and we had nearly a half foot of snow cover on the ground.  Plus in the early hours on count day, temperatures were just below 20 degrees, dropping to about 12 degree by the end of daylight, with a biting 12 mph wind out of the west gusting to 24 mph.

Yet the crew of counters knew what they were doing, knew what spots the birds would retreat to under these conditions, and delivered the goods on count day.  They set a count record of 88 species!! Three more species have been recorded so far during count week, with three days to go.

The results were interesting. As one might expect, counts of many passerine species were down from average levels. Yet we had good diversity of waterfowl with many species in numbers better than average for the count. And a record high count was set for Black-crowned Night-Herons!   Three other species had record high numbers: Northern Shoveler, Bald Eagle (pending the sorting out of whether there were multiple sightings and the same bird), and Cedar Waxwing. We recorded all of the expected species (no big misses!) as well as a healthy number of species that are unusual for the count. We had one species new to the count: Lesser Black-backed Gull.  (It had been recorded one year previously during count week.)

Credit for the count's success is due in large part to Bob Fisher, Tom Kelly, Linda Padera, Wes Serafin, Jenny Vogt, and Ken Wysocki.  These folks are the area leaders who coordinate the several parties that go out in different sections of the circle. The skills and knowledge of the leaders of the birding parties is also tremendous and much appreciated by me as compiler.  Thanks everyone! And those of us who attended the countdown dinner afterwards are in debt to Christine Williamson for orchestrating it.

Below are the preliminary totals.  Species unusual for the count are listed in bold face, and for these I've marked how many years they've been recorded on the count. I've also noted where we had good numbers of individuals for a species.

Lisle-Arboretum CBC, 15 Dec 2013 (preliminary totals)
CACKLING GOOSE 7 (good number and 10th year on count)
Canada Goose 10965
Mute Swan (count week only)
TUNDRA SWAN 5 (4th year on count)
Wood Duck 2
Gadwall 94
American Wigeon 1
American Black Duck 2
Mallard 1421
Northern Shoveler 38 (RECORD HIGH!)
Ring-necked Duck 1
Lesser Scaup 2
Bufflehead 1
Common Goldeneye 16 (good number)
Hooded Merganser 2
Common Merganser 82 (good number)
Red-breasted Merganser 7
RUDDY DUCK 1 (12th year on count)


Great Blue Heron 7
BLACK-CROWNED NIGHT-HERON 3 (RECORD HIGH! and 7th year on count)

Bald Eagle 10 (RECORD HIGH! - pending review of #s)
Northern Harrier 2
Sharp-shinned Hawk 7
Cooper's Hawk 14
Red-tailed Hawk 77
Rough-legged Hawk 2

American Coot 28 (good number)

SANDHILL CRANE 20 (7th year on count)

Wilson's Snipe 1

Ring-billed Gull 98
Herring Gull 143 (good number)
LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL 1 (NEW TO COUNT!! - previously count week only)

Rock Pigeon 820
EURASIAN COLLARED-DOVE 1 (7th year on count)
Mourning Dove 381

Eastern Screech-Owl 10
Great Horned Owl 10
BARRED OWL 1 (8th year on count)
Northern Saw-whet Owl 1

Belted Kingfisher 20 (good number)

Red-headed Woodpecker 2
Red-bellied Woodpecker 164
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker 6 (good number)
Downy Woodpecker 224
Hairy Woodpecker 64
Northern Flicker (yellow-shafted) 5
PILEATED WOODPECKER 2 (7th year on count)

American Kestrel 8
MERLIN 1 (8th year on count)

Northern Shrike 1

Blue Jay 386 (good number)
American Crow 63

Horned Lark 6 (good number)

Black-capped Chickadee 403
Tufted Titmouse 7

Red-breasted Nuthatch 20
White-breasted Nuthatch 146

Brown Creeper 11

Winter Wren 3
Carolina Wren 14 (good number)

Golden-crowned Kinglet 8

Eastern Bluebird 43
Hermit Thrush 2
American Robin 1952

GRAY CATBIRD 1 (9th year on count)

European Starling 4466

Cedar Waxwing 1144 (RECORD HIGH!)

Lapland Longspur 125 (good number)
Snow Bunting 12

Yellow-rumped Warbler 14

Eastern Towhee 1
American Tree Sparrow 798
SAVANNAH SPARROW 1 (5th year on count)
Fox Sparrow 24 (good number)
Song Sparrow 56
Swamp Sparrow 10
White-throated Sparrow 79
White-crowned Sparrow 3
Dark-eyed Junco 993

Northern Cardinal 484

Red-winged Blackbird 14
EASTERN MEADOWLARK 2 (21st year on count)
RUSTY BLACKBIRD 2 (17th year on count)
Common Grackle 2
Brown-headed Cowbird 1

House Finch 321 (good number)
Purple Finch 11
Pine Siskin (count week only)
American Goldfinch 556

House Sparrow 925
Geoff Williamson
Chicago (Cook County), Illinois


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