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: Birders needed to monitor at Orland and Bartel Grassland  ( 1327 )


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We have had some turnover in the bird monitor corps at Orland Grassland and at Bartel Grassland, so there are a few available routes.  These places are spectacular grasslands that are turning into wonderful prairies, and time spent there is well spent both for the birding and just for the chance to be out in the grandeur of nature.  (Monitors  this season watched a Great Blue Heron eat a Bobolink nestling. Talk about the grandeur of nature!)

Monitoring involves going out two mornings in June before 7 am and spending 5 minutes at each of a series of points noting all birds seen and heard, and also going out at other times of year if you choose.   The data can be entered into eBird.  Both sites have active volunteer groups.

Interested?  Let me know.



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