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: BirdsEye App Crash Fix and the Invention of Cheese  ( 800 )

Matt Wistrand

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BirdsEye App Crash Fix and the Invention of Cheese
« : May 03, 2014, 05:59:21 AM »
Every once in a while, people discover some outlandish process to accomplish something that leaves you thinking, "why would anyone try that?" Examples include the inventions of cheese, wine, and beer, and the complicated process through which South American tropical forest peoples filter the cyanide from manioc root (how many people had to die before they figured this out, and why did they keep trying?).

Anyone who uses BirdsEye is likely familiar with its incessant crashing. It got so bad on my phone that I had to stop using it altogether. I finally contacted support, and they gave me this multi-step solution that somehow actually worked. It's basically the coding equivalent of inventing cheese:

The problem appears to be associated with the eBird login. The following steps will guide you through the process of logging in to a temporary account, initializing BirdLog and then logging back in to your own eBird account.

1. Delete BirdLog from your iPhone or iPad.
2. Download a fresh copy from App Store.
3. When asked to register use the following credentials:

eBird username: birdlogfix
eBird password: birdlogfix
E-Mail address: support@getbirdseye.com

4. Save
5. From the Home menu, go to Submit Sightings
6. Choose A Location From Map and give the app a chance to find your current location
7. Choose Next
8. Choose Start on the next screen.

If the list of species appears you are in good shape and ready to enter in your own eBird credentials.

9. Go back to Home > Settings and enter your own eBird account information and email address.

10. Save

Repeat the steps 5- 8 above, as you normally would to submit a checklist. You should now be able to successfully use BirdLog to capture submit your sightings to eBird.


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