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: New Data Privacy Options  ( 891 )

Matthew Cvetas

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New Data Privacy Options
« : June 26, 2014, 11:44:50 AM »
eBird just made available a number of data privacy enhancements. You can find these under My eBird > Preferences.

Public Name Display

When you submit data, your name is associated with records that are publicly displayed and available for download. Choose how you would like the public to see your name.

"FirstName LastName"
This is the first and last name from your profile.

"Anonymous eBirder"
When this option is selected, you will automatically be opted out of the Top 100.

Data Privacy

Choose these options to restrict the public visibility of your data.

Hide my data from Recent Visits
By checking this option, your data will not appear on Recent Visits.

Hide my data from eBird Alerts
If this option is selected, your data will not appear on eBird Alerts.

Hide my data from the Top 100
If this option is selected, your data will not appear on Top 100 output, including the Top eBirders section of Location Explorer. Your name may appear in Top eBirders listing for Hotspots.

Hide my checklist comments
If this option is selected, your checklist comments will be hidden from the public but remain visible to eBird staff and reviewers. Checklist comments are entered in Step 2 (date/effort) of data entry. Species comments apply to the species and are always public.
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