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: Illinois RBA - October 14, 2010  ( 1467 )

Sulli Gibson

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Illinois RBA - October 14, 2010
« : October 14, 2010, 06:43:46 PM »
* Illinois
* Statewide
* October 14, 2010
* ILST1010.14

- Species Mentioned (Caps denote a review list species):

Yellow Rail
Harris's Sparrow

This is the Rare Bird Report for October 14, 2010.
Compiler: Sulli Gibson. Email: sulli.gibson AT gmail.com

Species in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS ARE REVIEW LIST SPECIES. Details of these sightings are desired by the Illinois Ornithological Records Committee. Careful observation, not ornithological expertise, is the only requirement for submitting data. For details and pointers, see:

Rare Bird Alert Archives:

Ross's Goose: Kane Co (North) - One was found among hundreds of Canada Goose in a small pond on 10/14/10 (Bill Koch). The pond is located in the Providence Subdivision in Elgin off of Route 20.

Yellow Rail: Cook Co (North) - One was flushed at Springbrook Prairie on 10/11/10 (Aaron Gyllenhaal). It was seen on the south side of the lake that begins at the model airplane parking lot. Photographs were obtained.

Harris's Sparrow: Cook Co (North) - One was spotted south of the Montrose Sanctuary on 10/12/10 (Kanae Hirabayashi). Another one was found in the SW corner of Northerly Island on 10/11/10 (Doug Stotz). One was also seen at a private residence in Glenview on 10/10/10 (Dick Paulson).

- End transcript

Sulli Gibson
Illinois Ornithological Society
Rare Bird Alert


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