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: Illinois RBA - September 22, 2010  ( 1610 )

Sulli Gibson

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Illinois RBA - September 22, 2010
« : September 22, 2010, 08:41:31 PM »
* Illinois
* Statewide
* September 22, 2010
* ILST1009.22

- Species Mentioned (Caps denote a review list species):

Red Phalarope

This is the Rare Bird Report for September 22, 2010.
Compiler: Sulli Gibson. Email: sulli.gibson AT gmail.com

Species in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS ARE REVIEW LIST SPECIES. Details of these sightings are desired by the Illinois Ornithological Records Committee. Careful observation, not ornithological expertise, is the only requirement for submitting data. For details and pointers, see:

Rare Bird Alert Archives:

PRAIRIE FALCON: Henry Co (North) - One was seen east of the cattle ponds on County Road 2050N on 9/18/10 (Maury Brucker). The ponds are on CR 2050N a mile east of the Route 78 intersection.

Red Phalarope: Clinton Co (South) - One was seen at Lake Carlyle by boat on 9/19/10 (St. Louis Audubon et al.).

SANDWICH TERN: Cook Co (North) - It was first seen at Northwestern University on 9/11/10 (Rick Remington). A few days later it was very briefly spotted at Montrose Beach. Again on 9/15/10 it was relocated at 63rd St. Beach where many were able to see it. Later that day it flew to Rainbow Beach where more birders got on the bird. It was never found again. Congratulations to Rick Remington on this excellent find (2nd state record).

PARASITIC JAEGER: Clinton Co (South) - One has been seen from Point 18 at Carlyle Lake since 9/11/10 (Dan Kassebaum). It was last spotted by boat on 9/19/10 (St. Louis Audubon et al.).

BLACK-THROATED GRAY WARBLER: DuPage Co (North) - One was found at Elsen's Hill on 9/18/10 (Pete Moxon). It has been seen by many and was last spotted near the entrance in the picnic table area in front of the front pond on 9/22/10 (Ann Haverstock).

- End transcript

Sulli Gibson
Illinois Ornithological Society
Rare Bird Alert


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